People™: The Creation

May 9, 2013

The True Story of People™’s Creation And the series of gloomy events that led up to the birth of the most ambitious HR system known to mankind…
people the creation

It was a dark and stormy night… actually, we can’t remember what the weather was doing at all; we were all too wired on cups of coffee and buckets of frustration – frustration at the world of HR.

You see, being a group of seasoned HR and HR software veterans, we knew that something was lacking… and it wasn’t even that HR systems didn’t exist – they did, we’d built 5 of them between us!

But even the countless automated solutions that were springing up across the market offered little more than a decorated spreadsheet on a screen… yes, they did make the duties of the HR professional a little faster, a little easier – but they offered nothing, nada, zilch in terms of helping users to grow their career, grow their company and unleash their inner ambition.

What’s the point of going to university or climbing a slippery career ladder, only to land in a position where you’re sat pushing paper, tripping over spreadsheets and acting as a human filing cabinet?

No, something had to change. And that’s why we found ourselves packed around a coffee-stained table in a room with dim lighting, making a list of everything that was blocking ambitious HR professionals from making real strategic impact. Here’s our original list:

  • HR is dull. And there isn’t a single manual or automated process or system that even tries to tackle that.
  • Nobody helps you make decisions. Everybody simply expects you to know what to do all of the time.
  • Spreadsheets are over-complicated, take hours to understand and do very little to help you remember or present the information.
  • Work can get lonely. Both automated solutions and the manual alternatives tie you to your office, be it with the software on your desktop or the documents in your desk.
  • IT gets tired of your constant calls. Remember that system you installed a while back? Your IT crew definitely does. “Try turning your computer on and off again…” (ring any bells?)
  • Automated solutions are just too darn expensive!

And in a world of technology where new ideas were springing to life every day, we knew that between us, we had the experience, the expertise and the creativity to tackle each and every one of those points. We just had to work out how…


Coffee was spilled. Seats fell over. The world paused for just a single moment as our blindingly brilliant ‘light bulb moment’ struck – all we needed to do, was put intense functionality into a impact-driven interface, add a dash of real HR expertise, make it exciting and fun to use, then make it simple.

And so People™ was born.

Simplicity by name

The software was instantly dubbed People™ – a single word to express simplicity, and the single word chosen to remind everybody that what we were creating was made by real people, for real people.

And after the naming ceremony, we quickly got to work tackling our initial list of ‘ambition blockers’, building the antidotes and remedies into the system’s very core:

  • People™ should make a dull job fun.
    And that’s why we created 8 exciting ‘Missions’, designed to provide HR professionals with a fun way to grow both their career and their company. As well as the pride of earning titles and badges,  ‘Missions’ offer hugely satisfying bouts of accomplishment by pushing the professional’s company forward in a way that gets noticed in 8 different areas.
  • People™ should help HR professionals make decisions.

    People™ ‘Follow Me’ function isn’t there to tell folk how to do their jobs… it’s simply our way of providing in-built advice gleaned from HR experts and HR stats throughout the country to help professionals make decisions faster. Everybody expects you to know what to do… and now you can get the confirmation that you’re doing it right!
  • People™ should deliver stats with impact.

    What good is a spreadsheet or database if it takes hours to understand what the numbers are actually saying? We decided to install a selection of graphical reports that generated instant insight into company operations, allowing professionals to quickly understand the bigger picture of how they’re doing.
  • People™ should be accessible from anywhere.

    Nobody wants to be tied to a chair behind a desk in a pokey little office. Of course, if anybody does want this, we made People™ accessible for desktop computers… but we also added mobile functionality to help PeopleTM users work on the go and add mobile workers with ease.
  • People™ should not burden a company’s IT department.

    And that’s why we put everything in the cloud. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain, nothing to update… everything was made to be up, running and ready to go in an instant, all stored and looked after by our own techies on our remote, secure servers.
  • People™ should be affordable for everyone.

    Too many systems force users to pay for features they’re never going to use. So we made sure that as well as being affordable, we also offered a flexible pricing structure that opened up the HR software market to companies of every size.

We’re proud of what we came up with on that dark and stormy night. But we’d love you to discover it for yourself… so why not get in touch with our team of real people and find out what PeopleTM can do for you, your company and your career?

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