How Much does HR Software Cost?

May 23, 2013


If you’ve ever typed that question into a search engine, you’ll already know that most HR software companies don’t want to answer it.

Try it right now – open up a new tab, and ask Google how much Human Resources software costs. Any of the following sound familiar..?

  • It’s a difficult question to answer …
  • There are too many variables to tell you straight…
  • We can’t really tell you until you get in touch…

It’s frustrating, right?

“Finally! An HR system that’s not afraid of publishing its prices!”

The team at People knows that all you really want when you ask that question, is an answer.
You don’t want to call a number and get ‘sold’ to.
You don’t want to wait a lifetime for somebody to send you an email.
You do want to get the figures, put them into your spreadsheet and see who works out best.

Click Here to Look at People’s HR Software Prices
(We’ve got nothing to hide)

“So… I’ve seen your prices, but how do I know what everybody else is charging?”

Unfortunately, when it comes to comparing the price of personnel management systems, the only way you can find out what other companies’ HR software pricing looks like is by either digging deep or requesting a quote. We’re pretty confident though that as soon as you’ve finished your research we’ll be right there sitting on the top of your pile – and if you’re a business with 25 employees or less, People’s HR system could even work out better than free!

We understand that you need to do your homework, and we know that it might take a bit of time – but don’t worry, we’ll be right here waiting for you the moment you come back, with our transparent pricing on display in all its honest glory.

Happy Hunting!

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