Why You Shouldn’t Download an HR Software System

June 11, 2013

04. HR Cloud Software

When you first start searching for a human resources system, you might start your journey on your favourite search engine typing in phrases such as ‘Desktop HR software’ or ‘Download HR software’… but did you know that there are 6 very good reasons why you should actually opt for a ‘cloud-based’ solution?

What is Cloud-Based

Quite simply, ‘the Cloud’ just means the Internet… in other words, information in ‘the Cloud’ is stored somewhere else instead of on your premise.

So when it comes to the crunch and you’re looking for a fantastic system to manage your employees’ records, why would you opt for a solution that required:

  • Maintenance
  • Local IT Support
  • Manual Updates
  • Correct Compatibility Settings

Quite simply, you wouldn’t.

There are myriad benefits that come with choosing an online HR System over a system you have to maintain and keep healthy at your own workplace, so to discover the main reasons why ‘the Cloud’ is better than your own stuffy server room, check the comparison chart above.

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