All Together Now

June 27, 2013

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This week’s tip is all about using HR software to bring all your loose ends together.

So, let’s start off with a story – and tell me if it sounds painfully familiar:

“It’s there. Staring at you. All grey, ugly and eerily still… yes, it’s the big nasty filing cabinet in the corner of the room (you know the one – the one with the yellow and green cardboard dividers that seem to hide things from you on purpose).

“You knew this day would come. You knew you’d have to face this task at some point or another… but why did it have to come so soon?! That’s right – you’ve been asked to review the Holiday Records for Michael Hawksworth.

“Now, you’re certain the file is in there somewhere… you saw it go in after all. But is it in the top half behind the 43 absence files, or is it in the bottom half behind all the 100s of leaver records (and you sincerely hope that it’s not – nothing seems to come out of that draw alive)?

“Hold on! Don from IT put you a system together called ‘On Leave’ back in 1997, didn’t he? Now if only you knew how to login to it… oh yes, it’s still asking you to update it and you don’t know how.”

Let’s look at how easy it is when you try to do the same task using People’s automated cloud-based HR system:

Step 1: Type employee name into ‘search’ box

Step 2: Click the ‘planner’ tab for the employee you want

Step 3: Select the blue ‘holiday’ tab at the top of the page

Done. You’re now looking at all of Michael’s leave details on one single page.

You see, automating your HR admin processes with People is like taking all of your filing cabinets, flip-chart graphs, spreadsheet formulas and inefficient filing procedures, and condensing them all down into a single, powerful and very-easy-to-use online HR system.

And if you’ve gone for a package that gives your workforce ‘Self Service’, you’ll even be able to stop chasing up holiday requests and updating employee bank details… because your employees can do it all themselves by simply logging into the system!*

So, the question is… with all your admin processes in a single place, what are you going to do with all your free time?
(Here’s a hint – you could embark on a ‘Mission’ and take your company somewhere new)

*Some things, of course, need to be locked down. That’s why Self Service only allows employees to alter the things they’re allowed to (and you can even customise levels of system access). For example, an employee can submit a holiday request, but he or she cannot authorise that request. And of course, you won’t be questioning any sudden and suspicious £10K pay rises that seem to appear from nowhere!

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