HR Highlights: June 2013

July 2, 2013


We know HR can be hectic, so just in case you missed anything, here are June’s highlights. Get stuck into anything that catches your eye!

People Behind the Scenes
Catch a glimpse of People’s people hard at work during the development of People, in this short 83 second video. read more »

What do You Mean… MISSIONS?!
Learn what we mean by ‘Missions’, and how they can help you to have real impact within your company. read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Download an HR Software System
Swat up on the fundamental differences between software that’s in the Cloud, and software that’s installed on your computer. read more »

People Rewards Ambition and Encourages Growth
Got a minute? Watch People’s HR admin system in action for 47 wonderful seconds, in this exciting preview video of the ambitious software. read more »

Adding Employees in a Hurry
Want to add a ton of employees, fast? This quick tip from Service Specialist Mark Metcalf shows you how to save a stack of time. read more »

5 Steps to Reduce Absence & Improve Attendance in the Workplace
Follow these 5 simple steps to put your very own absence-blasting procedure into place throughout your workforce. read more »

All Together Now
This latest tip from our Service Team demonstrates how easy it is to use HR Software to tie the loose ends in your admin cabinet together. read more »

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