So… Who Exactly ARE You?!

July 3, 2013


A Quick Introduction to PeopleTM

If you like the sound of PeopleTM, but you’re not familiar with the name… then it’s only natural that you’ll have questions. Questions like:

“Who are you?”
(You actually know us already)
“How long have you been here?”
(Our team has been around for decades)
“How many customers have you got?”
(Our customer base gets bigger every day)

Want to put your mind at ease? The answers are all right here:


Who are you?

Hi, we’re PeopleTM – a team of seasoned HR veterans who are proud to present you with the most up-to-date and ambitious HR software Planet Earth has ever seen – the software HR administrators now need if they want to keep up with an ever-changing world of business.

The team members behind People were the original founders of Simply Personnel (ring a bell?)… but after selling the software to Croner, we quickly realised that we couldn’t take it where it needed to go.

You see, although we’re seasoned, we’re anything but old-school. We’re forward-thinking and ambitious, and we’re determined to bring the modern world of technology to the out-dated market of HR software.

After leaving Croner, we spent some time talking to ambitious HR administrators, and we learned that they didn’t just want the ‘same old software that went a little bit faster’. What they really wanted, was software that gave them real company impact, won them the recognition they deserved, and gave them the wisdom and guidance of their professional peers.

So we built PeopleTM, a system designed to push modern technology to its limits and allow HR professionals to take advantage of their ambition and make a big difference within their company.

And when we say our team is made up of experts, we really do mean our entire team. From our Salesforce who demonstrate the software’s potential, through our Service Team who keep our clients happy the whole way through; we’ve all been in HR software for a long time, only this time, we’ve built growth-ready, high-impact software that’s as eager to succeed as you are.

How long have you been trading?

We launched PeopleTM in June 2013, and it couldn’t have been built at a better time.

You see, the advanced system we’ve created takes advantage of the modern technology that simply didn’t exist when the older solutions came to market – technology like cloud-computing, which allows businesses complete mobility and global accessibility to systems that were previously heavy, complicated and laden with limited functionality.

PeopleTM has the rare infusion of new technology mixed with decades of experience, and we’re thrilled to be the experts behind this modern, ambitious and delightfully different HR system; because if our 47 years of collective experience in HR software has taught us one thing, it’s that sticking with the ‘same old’ just doesn’t cut it anymore.

And even though our team of HR software experts has been working together for years (some of us since leaving school!), nothing has ever caused as much of a ‘buzz’ for us as PeopleTM.

How many customers do you have?

Since the first day we opened for business in June, we’ve been welcoming in a growing wave of businesses at an alarming rate – businesses eager to make an impact; desperate to hit their goals faster; excited to be part of something revolutionary.

And seeing our customer base expand like the universe we live in has given us a confident sense of calm – you see, the fact that HR is so much more than just ‘paper pushing’ is a concept that took us several years to define and refine… so watching all these growth-ready HR professionals ‘grab it by the horns’ and unleash it on their companies goals so quickly and eagerly is outstanding. And we can’t help but grin from ear to ear as we help these early adopters of modern technology to climb on-board, and embrace a more ambitious way of thinking.

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