How Heatmaps Help Heal HR Headaches

July 19, 2013

How do I love People? Oh let me count the ways!

But seriously though, one of my favourite features within People’s HR system is the selection of ‘Heatmaps’.

They’re very simple, very visual, and they tell you an awful lot with just a quick glance.

For example, within the Company Planner, Heatmaps highlight certain patterns that might need your attention – patterns like how many people will be off on holiday on a particular day. By running a clever set of algorithms, the software assesses the level of ‘risk’ caused by these patterns, thenwarns you with a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ colour-coded system. So in the example I just mentioned, if any given day became particularly heavy on the holiday bookings, that day would turn ‘hot’ in colour.

The reason I like this cool feature so much, is because it helps you to make smart judgement when it comes to workforce organisation. You don’t have to run reports, search a database or shuffle files… you can simply glance at your Heatmap and instantly know the level of risk.

What’s more, is these Heatmaps can be adjusted to display risk levels for not just your entire workforce, but a single department if needs be. And by tapping the red warning, you even get further insight into what’s happening on that day, such as the names of employees with holiday leave booked.

But the bit I like the best with the example of the Holiday Day Heatmap, is the fact that when a day becomes particularly risky, you can ‘lock’ it with a single touch, preventing any future holiday requests from being made on that day.

It’s such a simple yet unbelievably effective way of tackling complex issues really fast. Hopefully you can see why I love it so much!

Sat Sindhar
Managing Director

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