That’s Our Policy!

July 25, 2013


WOW what a hectic week! 5 new starters, 4 leavers, 3 office extensions, 2 department restructures, a disruptive partridge in the car park’s pear tree… and don’t even mention the accident in the shipping warehouse!

The fact is, sometimes things happen that mean we need to draw up new documents. You know the ones: contracts, policies, health & safety updates… and it’s not just drawing them up, either – you’ve got to print them, distribute them and get them signed (oh yeah, and try your best not to lose them).

Well this week, we’re looking at how you can easily distribute a new company document, and track who’s seen it – in just a few simple clicks. So if you’re logged in as the administrator, let’s give it a go now:

  1. From you dashboard, click on ‘Documents’ at the far left
  2. Click the ‘+’ button towards the top
  3. Upload your document

Now, remember here that this is not for uploading individual employee documents like contracts (we’ll be doing that next week). No, this is for more generic documents like H&S policies – documents you need everybody to read (and now).

So once you’ve uploaded it (you can only upload PDF files so they cannot be edited), you’ll notice that it now appears in your document list. And here’s the good bit:

If you hover over the document title and hit ‘Audit’, you’ll notice that you can even see who’s still not read it – you see, People automatically notifies folk that it’s there, then tracks who’s opened it. So you can easily identify who’s up-to-date and who’s still living it large with yester-year’s policy.

Oh come on, let’s face it. Document management doesn’t get much easier than this, right?

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