No More Paper

July 29, 2013


So, a few weeks ago I talked about that big nasty filing cabinet sitting in the corner of your office. And just last week, I was showing you how to upload and distribute general company documents (such as policies), using People’s HR system.

So this week, I’ll be showing you how to complete the journey into a cabinet-free world by taking you through the steps of going paperless with the rest of your HR files & folders.

So, just to be clear: This process is NOT how you upload general company documents – you can learn more about that in last week’s tip. This process is all about managing individual employee records – records such as Contracts of Employment, Appraisals,and Training Records. You get the idea. So:

  1. Visit the record of the employee you wish to turn paperless
  2. Go to ‘Documents’
  3. Hit the ‘+’ button near the top (it’s pretty big, you can’t miss it)

You’ll notice a drop-down menu at the top right. From here, you can either select an existing document type (like Appraisal), or if you want to create a custom category, you can add your own.

This means you’re completely flexible to upload and store as many types of employee document as you like – in other words, every single document that you have left over in your dusty old cabinet can now be uploaded to People.

Now for the Big Secret

At People, we like to go the extra mile. And that’s why we’ve added a number of preloaded templates for you to use.

So if you want to migrate the data in your filing cabinet faster, then all you need to do is select the template you want, hit ‘merge’, and watch in awe as the document is magically populated with all the employee’s personal information.

And don’t forget – if you’ve got more specific document requirements, you can even create templates of your own for faster processing in future.

Now get to it – that filing cabinet isn’t going to throw itself away!

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