Will Your HR Software Survive the Mobile Revolution

July 30, 2013

featuredWhy HR Super Heroes Need ‘Responsive Design’

  • Looking to Buy Fully-Mobile HR Software?
  • Already Have a System in Place?
  • Confused by Wild Claims of Grandeur?

Stop! Before you make a purchase, sign a contract or extend your license, please ask your HR software provider the following question (it could save you a fortune):

“Is Your Software Built with Responsive Design?”

If the answer is ‘No’ (or even worse, ‘I don’t know’)… then take action and don’t get left behind. It’s time you found out exactly what Responsive Design is; whether your HR software is built with it; and exactly what it means for how you manage your employees.

The Mobile Revolution: Something You Probably Know Already

Once upon a time, ‘Going Mobile’ meant ‘Buying a Mobile Phone’.

But today, the term ‘Going Mobile’ refers instead to a huge shift; a shift that’s changing where and how the employees in your company work. More specifically, the ability to work just as effectively from anywhere.

You see, because technology now allows us to work, communicate, shop and play from anywhere in the world, if you want a business that’s still going to be viable in a few years’ time, then you need to make sure you’re fully connected everywhere.

So what does this mean for HR software?

Responsive Design: Software You Won’t Have to Scrap in a Few Years’ Time

Responsive Design is a method of building software so that it can be fully operated on any browser, and any platform (such as smartphone or tablet). In other words, HR software built with Responsive Design lets you:

  • Easily Manage a Mobile Workforce
  • Open New Offices and Temporary Locations
  • Stop Worrying About ‘Buying the Right Computer’

Responsive Design means your HR software will fit your company’s preferred way of working. It lets you manage employees working from home or remote offices.  It supports growth (instead of getting in the way of it). And it doesn’t need constant hand-holding from IT.

But unlike People (whose software is specifically optimised for iPads, iPhones, Desktops and Laptops – aka Responsive Design), most HR software providers haven’t given true mobile durability a second thought. And although their reasoning is understandable – it’s expensive, It’s hard work, etc – it’s effectively put a sell-by date on everything they produce.

For you, this means that when their technology becomes outdated, or when your business becomes more mobile, you’re going to either have to invest in a new system, go back to pen and paper, or simply put up working with a system that’s working against you.

Do you want to spend the rest of your professional career pinching, pulling, zooming, shaking and wildly tapping at your screen just to view and authorise a holiday request?

Responsive Design VS ‘Works on Mobile’: Don’t Get Caught Out

The trouble is, most HR admin systems that run from your browser (‘In the Cloud’) claim to be mobile accessible. But sure, although you can take a 4-poster bed camping… it’s not what it’s designed for, and it isn’t going to be easy.

So before you buy a new HR system; before you extend the license on your existing HR system; before you throw yourself at the first company claiming to ‘work’ on various mobile platforms… ask yourself this: “Do I want my HR software to reach every employee everywhere?” – and when you answer yourself “yes”, boldly pick up the phone, and ask your HR software provider:

“Is Your Software Built with Responsive Design?”

Because that one simple question could save you a whole career’s worth of logistical nightmares.

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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