HR Highlights: July 2013

August 7, 2013


Once again we find ourselves looking back at a month of HR that’s been as hot as the weather we’ve had!

But before we throw ourselves full-swing into August, why not recap on any of the bits you missed from July?

So… Who Exactly Are You?!
We’ve had a lot of questions recently, such as ‘Who are you?’, ‘How long have you been trading?’ and ‘How many customers do you have?’. If you want the answers, they’re all here! Read more

Not Just a Pretty Face
This weekly tip explores how to use attractive, story-telling reports to present useful statistics for deep impact. Read more

HR Software that’s Better than Free
Yes, we know what you might be thinking… how can something be better than free? Well keep reading to discover exactly how People answers this for businesses with less than 25 employees. Read more

6 Time Saving Tips at Work
So much to do, so little time? We’ve all been there. But with these 6 simple tips, you’ll be finding extra minutes you never knew existed every single day. Read more

How Heatmaps Help Heal HR Headaches
Learn how ‘heatmaps’ take the pain out of staff planning, and help you to make smart, strategic decisions at a glance. Read more

What is Bradford Factor?
Take a peek at this attractive graphic, designed to help explain the calculations that make up the Bradford Factor (and how it helps you identify high-risk absence trends). Learn more

That’s Our Policy!
This weekly tip shows you an easier way to not just distribute company documents (like policies), but to make sure everybody’s read them, too. Read more

No More Paper
This weekly tip goes into the benefits of going paperless with your staff files, to help you finally get rid of that dreaded filing cabinet and start enjoying more free time. Read more

Will Your HR Software Survive the Mobile Revolution?
Don’t end up with HR software that’s out of date. Prepare yourself against misleading claims of ‘mobile compatibility’, and swat up on the method preferred by forward-thinking HR software companies: ‘Responsive Design’. Read more


Enjoy the rest of the month, and don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

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