August 2013 – Did You Miss It?

September 5, 2013


And in a flash, summer disappears. Poof.

But don’t worry, you can catch up on the last few rays of Hot HR with People’s HR highlights. Here’s what’s been happening:

Get Creative with Custom Screens
Every business is different – what works for you might not work for me. So why not read what our Service Specialist Mark Metcalf has to say about Custom Screens, how to use them, and how they help keep your HR admin processes as flexible as you want them to be? Read more

Embark on Your Most Ambitious HR Journey to Date
Storm through People’s HR admin system at lightning speed with this short video tour, to learn how People covers every base and gives you everything you need to succeed as an outstanding HR professional. Read more

Top HR Issues for UK Companies
This insightful infographic highlights the top HR issues within UK companies for the year of 2013. From absence and attendance, through disciplinary and grievance procedures, the statistics are eye-opening. Read more

Hungry for more? Why not throw yourself right back and rediscover some of the earlier HR insight from People:

HR Ambition Meets Business Ammunition
Have you ever got tangled up writing contracts, letters, forms and policies? If so, you’ll know how painful that can be. But when People took over business template provider DocSpot, all of that ended – hundreds of templates for business documents available for free at the fingertips of People customers everywhere. Learn about the acquisition here.

What is SaaS? (Infographic)
Does the term SaaS turn your brain to mashed potato? Find out exactly what it means by checking out our infographic on ‘What is SaaS’ here.

PeopleTM: The Creation
When a hardened team of HR veterans got together one morning over coffee, they emerged from the bleak world of boring, complicated HR with a brand new idea: People. Read the exciting story of our creation here.

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