HR Software Optimised for Beaches or Sofas

September 23, 2013

We live in a world where almost anything is possible. Yet still, many HR professionals confine themselves to their office – a place where they battle with clunky HR software, fight with reams of paperwork, and struggle against gigabytes worth of spreadsheet data.

Alright, so we know you probably won’t be working from the beach. At least not very often. But why shouldn’t you have the freedom to do so if you want to?

People’s HR admin system isn’t about persuading you to kick back and start authorising absences from the comfort of a sandy paradise (though if you want to, you can)… it’s about giving you the complete freedom to work from wherever you like. It’s about giving you the comfort of knowing you can connect with your workforce wherever in the world they are. It’s about helping you to stay ambitious and refusing to restrict how you work.

Our software has been optimised for any device. Fire it up on your iPad, your iPhone, your laptop… you name it.

It’s optimised for beaches. Where will it take you next?

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