Mission to the Moon

October 22, 2013

featuredsmallWe’ve all needed a helping hand at some point or another, right? You know, a gentle push in the right direction to help us succeed?

Here at People, we’re all about helping you to succeed. And when we say our core team has more than 40 years of collective HR experience, we’re not blowing our trumpets… none of us even know how to play one. It’s just a fact – we’re well aware of problems like the daunting mammoth of a contract, the employee handbook… and what about ‘that Bradford thingamajig’?

So when we built People’s HR admin system, we figured that keeping all this knowledge to ourselves would be rude, and we converted it all into 8 exciting career challenges called ‘Missions’.

Each mission is designed to grow your company in a specific area such as absence or recruitment. Each mission is packed with step-by-step objectives to guide you to the finish line. And each mission gives you a badge, a title and a reward.

You’ve got me interested… how do I do it?

Most of you will have seen, tried and even completed the first mission, ‘Building Bases’ – the mission that gets you off to a roaring start using technology to power HR admin. But for those of you who haven’t, why not try it out right now?

  1. From the dashboard, hit ‘Start New Missions’ at the top
  2. Look for the mission called ‘Building Bases’
  3. Hit ‘subscribe’

You’ll now see that 9 new tasks have jumped into your task list. Simply visit each task, follow the instructions then tick ‘Complete’. Once you’ve done all 9, it’s mission accomplished!

And once you’ve successfully stomped Building Bases, why not move onto ‘Avoiding Disaster’? This mission gets into the real nitty-gritty of HR, and helps you work through your contract of employment to refine it, and run a tighter rocket ship.

If you complete it, you’ll even get a free gift in the post. And don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand all the way to the moon!

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