People Security: How We Keep Your Data Safe

December 13, 2013

featuredIt’s no secret that employee records and private company documents are considered sensitive business information. And keeping this information safe is paramount to the safety of your entire organisation – after all, failure to protect it can lead to severe legal repercussions, not to mention a drastic drop in the level of trust your workforce has for you as a responsible employer.

At People, we don’t take the responsibility of looking after sensitive company information lightly. And we never cut corners. Which is why People Security is now open for business – a central location where you can go to learn about everything we do to keep your sensitive company information under tight lock and key.

Whether you want to read through our public Security Statement, learn more about Windows Azure – the globally-trusted cloud platform we use – or simply get a real-time update of our System Status, it’s all there and we’ve nothing to hide.

Visit People Security to discover how we keep HR admin safe for your business.

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