Start 2014 with a Pinch of Workplace Culture

January 6, 2014

featuredsmallThe New Year is here, and so are floods of outrageous resolutions that will probably shatter within weeks.

But here at People, we’re looking back at a mid-year resolution we made back in 2013, and we’re smiling – smiling because it’s still going strong.

What was our resolution?

To fully engage our own workforce with an ethos so compelling, that working for People would be not just bearable, but irresistible.

We wanted employees who were:side

  • Confident enough to use initiative
  • Brave enough to take risks
  • Kind enough to give help
  • Humble enough to get help
  • Smart enough to take control over their careers

How We Made People Irresistible

Before we made our very first hire, we set out everything we liked on paper, and then created a document that still, to this day, guides each one of People’s people. And from Managing Director down to entry-level admin, it keeps us on-track and tells us what to do… by not telling us what to do.

Odd concept? Maybe.

But we feel that if the right people are employed, you shouldn’t need to tell them how to do their jobs. You should instead encourage them to find the way they do it best. And if that’s working in PJs? Fine!

Our Staff Handbook outlines:

  • The ‘Level Playing Field’ (and how to survive when nobody’s in charge)
  • The Benefits of Risk-Taking (and why mistakes are actually a good thing)
  • The Infinite Potential of ‘Career Growth’ (and the limits of ‘career progression’)

Make Your Company Irresistible in 2014

Your company’s success relies almost entirely on your employees.

So this year, why not do something remarkable and spark a culture of innovation throughout your workforce?

Download out entire Staff Handbook here. And if you like something? Steal it!


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