The Story of Holiday Request #58

January 20, 2014

How many times have you tried to get something done, only to find a stack of holiday requests waiting on your desk?

Unless you have an efficient system in place, processing holiday requests isn’t the most relaxing job in the world – once you’ve made sure the requested dates don’t conflict with important company dates, you’ve then got to check each employee’s remaining entitlement, cross-check who else is off on which dates, and then enter it all into your computer system, filing cabinet, or whatever else you’re using to store data…

Put Your Employees In Control Without Losing Control

The story of Holiday Request #58 explores an alternate reality – one in which your HR department uses PeopleTM to make holiday requests easier, and puts employees in control without taking any control away from you.

You see, with People, your employees have access to a ‘Self-Serve’ dashboard that lets them cut out the paper forms and simply send you their holiday requests with a single click (or tap).

People checks remaining holiday entitlements, prevents the booking of key company dates set by you, and even shows you who else is off that day to help you make an informed decision that doesn’t affect your company’s day to day operations.

Then, when a request comes through, all YOU need to do is take five seconds to review the ‘Impact Overview’, hit ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’, then get back to what you were doing.

And if that was drinking coffee, then it’s time to pour yourself another mug.

Would you prefer the next holiday request you deal with to be just as easy and empowering as Holiday Request #58?

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