5 Ways Gamification Technology Can Boost Your Business

March 21, 2014

featuredsmallHave you ever been amazed by the passion and competitive spirit shown by your workers in the office fantasy football league circle, or in the office pub quiz team event? Have you ever wished you could transfer that passion and energy into your office on a day to day basis?

Well, what if we told that you can do this using a technique known as gamification? And that there are many gamification tools on the market which make it easy to apply the same game mechanics which occur in those out of work leisure scenarios to the office and boost motivation levels in the process. These gamification software tools let you turn business activities into games or contests by: establishing: rules, missions and objectives and publishing dynamic leaderboards, issuing badges and rewarding winners.

Does this all sound a little pie in the sky? OK, lets bring it down to earth a little by showing you 4 ways gamification applications can boost your business today.

1. Increased Sales

Research from CallidusCloud tells us that gamification of sales activity increase sales performance. It can be used to effectively boost quite specific sales focused behaviour or tasks (say cold calling), and ultimately sales performance. Salesforce.com and Callidus are two leaders in sales gamification applications.

2. Increased employee well-being and reduced sick days

Yes, there are apps out there now, such as (everymove.org) which can help you turn wellness into a game and at the same time encourage employees to engage in activities which improve their health and ultimately productivity and attendance levels. These wellness gamfication apps let employees record their healthy moves such as running, swimming and jogging. Points and badges and incentives are dished out to reward activity and progress and leader boards can be incorporated to.

3.Reduce time to hire

Research shows that the most effective form of hire at the moment is not jobs boards but via word of mouth and employee referrals, but its not always easy to get employees to refer. Now, there are a range of employee referrals gamification apps on the markeplace such as: BullHorn Reach, Jobvite and Gooodjob which make it easy for you to gamify employee referrals and motivate your work-force to become talent scouts for your business.

4.Make your employees smarter

There are a range of learning gamification apps which gamify the process of acquiring knowledge and making business connections, often termed ‘socialization’. These apps use badges, leader boards and incentives to encourage learner engagement.

So, strange as it may seem gamification and game mechanics are soon to be an important part of the talent management tool set for motivating and engaging teams, and we urge you to put your chips in play and enter the game of gamification today.

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