People Stories: 1st Technologies

August 13, 2014

Case Study: 1st Technologies

1st Technologies is a leading provider of professionally refurbished, discounted computer equipment. From individual build-to-order servers, to mass quantities of ex-corporate PCs and laptops, 1st Technologies have been supplying the wholesale, retail and public sector markets with professionally refurbished IT equipment for 17 years.

Their experience, combined with their huge inventory of enterprise-class IT hardware – including Dell, HP and IBM Rack servers as well as high-end workstations and business-class desktop PCs – has built them a reputation for supplying the highest quality equipment at affordable prices; and with customer satisfaction being the cornerstone of their business mission, it is no wonder their loyal customer base has continued to grow at a rapid rate over the last 17 years.

But a growing business means a growing workforce, and 1st Technologies recently decided that it was no longer enough to manage their employees using paper-based HR processes like paper holiday forms, bulky filing cabinets and pens that keep running out of ink.

“We really wanted to find an automated HR system that let us unify all of our HR information and streamline our time-consuming manual processes” explains Adam Ramsbottom, Head of Business Development.  “On top of this, we felt that our growing workforce needed a more efficient way to communicate and collaborate with each other; a workforce that is connected is better equipped to provide the high-quality service that our customers really love”

So in June 2014, after investigating several HR software suppliers, 1st Technologies decided to implement PeopleTM.

Why 1st Technologies Chose PeopleTM

“British localization, all the required functionality, friendly layout and features… what’s not to like?” explains Adam. “Employees can access and edit their own personal records, and things like timesheets are integrated with payroll, meaning no more manually processing end-of-month payslips. Plus, all interaction is logged so we can check back and audit any change that are made.”

But as well as improving the speed, efficiency and transparency of their internal HR processes, 1st Technologies say they are also enjoying several other benefits by using PeopleTM:

  • Better Employer/Employee Relationship

“Communication is easier and more transparent, and our employees love having more control and access to things like their very own online holiday planner, as well as having important company news and internal documents all in one centralised location.”

  • Better Attendance & Holiday Planning

“We have more visibility over employee attendance. Features like the Bradford Factor help us automatically spot absence patterns we would not have noticed before, and the Holiday Planner gives us a much easier picture of who’s working when, and gives us valuable insight when it comes to authorising time off for employees.”

  • Better Performance

“The shared visibility of appraisals lets us more clearly identify areas for improvement”

  • Better Flexibility

“We’re really enjoying the fact that we can work from anywhere, any time. We are an experienced organisation and have been around for a long time, but we are always looking for new ways to grow, and flexibility is great for a growing business.”

Why PeopleTM is Proud to Serve 1st Technologies

PeopleTM is an ambitious company and provides ambitious software. So we love ambitious companies like 1st Technologies, who really work hard to go the extra mile for their customers and to make their business a great place to be employed, too.

And just like PeopleTM enjoys proving that you don’t need a huge price tag to sell the best HR software, 1st Technologies similarly prove that you don’t need to put a premium on top-of-the-range, reliable, enterprise-class computer equipment.

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