Why I’m Addicted to Writing for People™

August 15, 2014

Why I’m Addicted to Writing for PeopleTM

My name is John, and I am a freelance copywriter. I work with growing businesses across the globe to help them communicate their products and services using effective sales and marketing copy.

One of my favourite clients is, without a doubt, PeopleTM; I’ve been working closely with their HR experts for around two years now, and even though I’m an external contractor, I have always felt like more of a permanent fixture within their team (I think that’s a good thing, though they may disagree!).

PeopleTM is a fun, ambitious company, and their HR software reflects this. This is probably why I love writing their content and marketing copy – there’s always something new and exciting in the pipeline, and I’m always kept on my toes!

Over the last two years, I have written a lot of content on behalf of PeopleTM – content you’ve probably consumed yourself. So I just wanted to take a few minutes to step out from behind ‘the curtain’, and talk about a few of the PeopleTM projects I’ve enjoyed working on the most:

The Employee Handbook for the People Who Make PeopleTM

The first major project I worked on for PeopleTM was their Employee Handbook. Long before their HR system actually launched, they explained to me that they had a slightly different way of working within their company, and that they wanted to communicate this not just to their own employees, but to the world.

Unlike most handbooks, this one was not designed to tell their employees what they should be doing. In fact, it was quite the opposite – it was designed to help them understand the importance of setting their own way of working.

When I first started working on this project, I will admit that it all seemed a little too ambitious – their workforce structure had no management, no ‘rules’, and essentially, the core guideline for employees was to ‘have fun doing what you’re good at, and if you get it wrong, try again’. Don’t get me wrong: from an employee’s perspective, this is the dream working environment; but I couldn’t help thinking that within 6 months they would have reverted to the practices I was more familiar with (i.e. office politics and micro-management).

And now, I’m eating humble pie – to this day, their workforce stands as a genuine testament to what the handbook describes as the ‘level playing field’ approach; they have stuck with their method, and I have never seen a more passionate, dedicated, talented team of people who are not just experts at what they do, but who actually love their job and the company they work for.

And in my (only slightly-biased) opinion, they’ve built one of the best tools a growing business could possibly invest in.

HR Software Optimised for Beaches or Sofas

Once PeopleTM launched their cloud-based HR system, one of the points we wanted to communicate was that the software had been optimised for any device; this meant that users would be able to use it from anywhere they had an internet connection.

One of the ways PeopleTM did this was by creating a video commercial, which I absolutely loved scripting. The best part about this commercial, was that because the software lets users work from literally anywhere, I could really go overboard and make outlandish claims that were not just entertaining, but true – and that’s why the narrator keeps trying to persuade the main actor that she should be working on a sea vessel that’s making perilous journeys past tropical islands with beaches.

HR Software with Ambition

Those four words carry such a lot of meaning, and I don’t think a more fitting tagline could have been chosen.

The experts working for PeopleTM really know how to be ambitious, and it shows: from the way their employees work together, to the way their software turns HR processes laden with negative stigma (such as performance reviews) into positive, business- growth-focused system features, it’s no wonder their software attracts mainly ambitious HR professionals and business owners who actually want to make a positive impact with HR..

Sometimes, keeping up with their new initiatives can be a (really fun) challenge in itself!

Why I Still Write for PeopleTM

I have a short attention span, which is why I freelance – there’s always a new company to discover and write about, and no single day is ever the same.

But the one company that has managed to keep me consistently stimulated since the day I was first contracted, is PeopleTM. So for the last two years, thank you, and here’s to many more!

You can contact me at: writeyourwrongs@gmail.com

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