How Paper Forms Affect Your Employer Brand

October 1, 2014

How Paper Forms Affect Your Employer Brand Why do iconic companies like Google invest huge resources into developing a compelling employer brand?

As a smaller firm, you might think you don’t need to worry about your brand as an employer. But that’s not quite true. After all, regardless of your size… don’t you want to hire the best employees to who can make a huge impact and propel your company’s growth?

Hiring top talent relies on an incredible employer brand. Your employer brand shapes the way potential candidates see your business, and it is how they build their expectations of you as an employer. And if you don’t meet certain key expectations, then you’re probably turning some of the best employees away.

So what do top candidates expect from you as an employer?

Considering most people spend more ‘awake’ time at work than they do anywhere else, one of the key expectations for potential employees is an environment they are comfortable with. And in an age where technology is literally a way of life, nothing sticks out more than an office that still relies on paper forms and manual processes.

Your employees probably pay bills online, shop online, watch TV online… in fact, most of their life can be taken care of online. So how do you think they might feel knowing they have to step out of this comfort zone every time they go to work, and all because your business is still stuck with ‘old-fashioned’, paper-based processes? Most potential employees crave stability, and a company that appears behind the times is probably not delivering that message.

But it doesn’t just affect how employees imagine their career future with your company – it can also affect how valued they feel, which has a knock-on effect in areas like workforce morale and employee engagement.

For example, appraisals. What if your company had the latest and the greatest of everything… but when it came to annual appraisals, your staff were still sifting through reams of hand-written paper forms? The fact is, you can now easily launch your annual performance review with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. And what’s more, your managers and employees can interact without ever having to leave their desks or schedule physical interviews. But if you neglect the areas of business that are personal to your employees, then this leads to employees who can begin to feel undervalued.

Yet still, there are businesses who insist on the labour-intensive, paper-based approaches.

No more excuses for using paper

Many years ago, when the age of technology was still in its infancy, only the biggest businesses could afford the fancy electronic systems in place of paper forms and filing cabinets. That’s because even though these systems saved huge sums in the long run… the starting price was phenomenal.

But today, things are different. Great technology is now affordable with minimal investment, and smaller businesses are being empowered with a really cost-effective way to save resources and provide a better employee experience at the same time.

So if you’re still providing an archaic workplace where potential employees have to do the time warp for 8 hours a day… you might want to add a pinch of modern thinking. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

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