Finding HR Software Prices to Reflect Your Business Needs

October 30, 2014

Finding HR Software Prices to Reflect Your Business Needs

The cost of HR software is a big issue for many businesses, because even after you’ve decided your business actually needs an HR system, you’re still left with questions such as:

  • How much does HR software cost?
  • Will the prices fit my company’s budget?
  • How will I persuade the financial director to sign this purchase off?

The fact is, if you are only looking at cost, then choosing the right HR system is difficult. Some systems seem to charge the earth – perhaps they’re only for international corporations? – whereas others seem too good to be true – maybe they are designed only for startups?

But cutting out the confusion is easy, as long as you can find an HR software system that offers flexible pricing to suit the needs of your business.

Four Plans to Suit Four Types of Business

At People™, our software is not designed for one specific demographic. In fact, our software is used by small startups with less than 5 employees, and large enterprises with dozens of offices and hundreds of teams.

No matter what your business size or budget, we’ve made sure that there’s a price to reflect your needs – here’s how the plans compare:


With the Free Plan, you don’t pay a penny. Now I’m sure that price suits your budget, right?

This plan is available to any company with 5 or less employees. You get all the basics needed to move your staff management processes into the Cloud – such as a dynamic employee database, file storage space and a holiday planner – plus you get a number of supporting features to help you grow your company – like common HR process wizards to guide you through every step you need to take.

When you can get efficient HR software for free, there is really no reason not to modernise.


If you have more than 5 employees but do not require some of the more advanced options, then the Starter Plan is the right plan for your business.

Just like Free, you get everything you need to manage your workforce, and because the price is so low, it is affordable for companies with smaller budgets.


The Professional Plan introduces Self Service, meaning your employees can manage their own personal details and submit holiday requests directly via the system.

The cost of this plan is perfect for a growing business that needs to delegate certain HR processes (like holiday requests) to other staff members (like managers), and the price is still very affordable and cost-effective, meaning your financial director will most likely sign it off in seconds.


For large, established businesses then the top tier is Enterprise.

Still affordable, this plan comes with everything a business could ask for in terms of staff management.

All of the above listed features are included, plus you get the Enterprise benefits such as a complete performance management system for annual appraisals, access to the People™ API, and even the Applicant Tracking System to help streamline your recruitment drives.

Which Plan Reflects Your Business Needs?

We have carefully designed each plan to be affordable for whichever stage your company is at.

So why don’t you visit our pricing page and grab a quick quote today?

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