How to Get a Free Online Staff Holiday Planner

November 14, 2014

How to Get a Free Online Staff Holiday PlannerPlanning employee holidays can be a bit of a nightmare – not only do you have to track their annual entitlements to make sure they are not taking more leave than they should, but you also have to keep track of who’s off and when to make sure you’re not short-staffing yourself on any given day.

One way to tackle this is by using an online staff holiday planner.

There are several available, and they are usually included as a feature within Human Resources Management Systems too, meaning if you decide HR software is the way forward for your company, then your holiday planning should become much easier as a result.

Of course, not every company is willing to invest in a subscription to a cloud-based HR system – especially if you only have a few employees. But if you have five or less employees, you’ll be happy to learn that you can get a completely free account with People™.

As well as getting access to one of the most modern and ambitious HR systems available, you’ll enjoy free step by step guides for common processes, as well as your very own staff holiday planner included as one of the many features.

Why don’t you explore our HR software today and see how it could help you manage staff holidays and organise HR more efficiently?

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