Why We’re Doing Staff Holidays ‘The Virgin Way’

November 18, 2014

Why We’re Doing Staff Holidays ‘The Virgin Way’

We love our workplace culture, and ever since People™ launched, we’ve stuck to the (lack of) rules in our Employee Handbook religiously.

So when we saw Richard Branson’s recent blog post on Virgin.Com, we couldn’t help but wonder why we hadn’t done something like this ourselves already. The new policy essentially gives Virgin employees the freedom to take as much holiday leave as they like without having to submit a formal request, get it approved, or even write it down anywhere!

But although many employers might writhe in discomfort at the thought of giving their employees unlimited holiday leave, we love it – we are firm believers in letting employees work the way they want to, because we think it produces some of the best work. And so, we have adopted the ‘Unlimited Holiday’ policy ourselves.

The Perfect Policy for an Age of Flexible Working

Strict holiday allowances is sometimes needed – especially in the more traditional 9 – 5 businesses where success relies on having a healthy head-count to keep the shop open and running.

But in an age where more and more people are able to do their work from wherever in the world they are, why should these rules still apply?

At People™, our employees know what’s needed from them, and they do it really well. So if one of them finishes their job at 3pm, what is the point of them trying to look busy for 2 hours when they could shut down their computer and get some much-needed ‘Me Time’?

We’re excited to see how our staff will respond to this new (‘lack of’) holiday policy, and we’re sure it will fit right in with the other stuff in our employee handbook.

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