Do You Have a Compelling Workforce Culture for 2015?

January 5, 2015

Do You Have a Compelling Workforce Culture for 2015?
At People™, we tend to avoid New Year resolutions because, let’s face it, most of them come undone by the time January is over. But some of you might remember us saying that in 2013, we made a Mid-Year Resolution – and we’re proud to report that, once again, we’ve kept it going and it’s going to see us into 2015 nicely!

Our Resolution: A Compelling Workforce Culture

From the moment we created People™, we knew that we wanted to create a culture throughout our workforce that was so strong that it made working for us a truly compelling experience. We wanted to attract staff who used initiative, took risks, helped others, felt comfortable asking for help, and who, perhaps most importantly, actually enjoyed helping People™ grow.

We’re proud to say that we feel every person we employ – whether they’ve been with us from the beginning, or have joined us since – ticks all of these boxes. And we feel that much of our success in attracting the right kind of people to work for us lies in our Employee Handbook.

What Our Handbook Says to Potential Employees

Our Employee Handbook is a bit different from the norm. In fact, right from the very beginning it explains that it isn’t there to tell people what to do, but rather it is there to help them learn how to handle deciding what to do.

There are a few key points we talk about in our Handbook, and we feel these points have been fundamental in achieving such a strong workforce culture. For example:

–  The Level Playing Field: At People™, we have no formal hierarchy. Everybody sets their own style of working, and nobody has to be told what to do or when. We feel that people understand themselves the best, and so far, this approach is still working out great for us.

–  Mistakes Are Good!: We know that the very best ideas tend to come with a bit of risk – and that’s fine. We encourage our people to take risks and to experiment – and we know that if something goes wrong, it simply means we’ve learned something new.

Career Growth vs Career Progression: Instead of a culture where people are always trying to climb the career ladder, we encourage career growth. This means that job titles are fluid, and our people are encouraged to learn new skills in other ‘departments’ in order to build up their experience and career portfolio.

Like What You See? Take It!

If anything we’ve set out in our handbook appeals to you and you want to try it out yourself, please do! We are passionate about helping businesses create happy, motivated workforces, and feel that one way of doing this is by sharing our ideas.

So why not give our handbook a read, and try something out yourself for 2015?

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