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January 6, 2015

As much as we might all love wasting 5 minutes by the printer waiting for 15 copies of our latest company contract to pop out (a great excuse to get away from the desk and stretch your legs, right?)… I don’t think any of us enjoy the chain of events that follows:

– Distributing a copy of the contract to each person who needs one

– Waiting a day, week or month for it to get read and signed

– Spending another day, week or month trying to get hold of it

– Going back to the printer to re-print replacements for everyone who lost theirs

– Slotting everything into the endless nightmare of the HR filing cabinet

With People, you can send out documents – like contracts – electronically. And what’s more, your people can check, sign and return them without even looking at a printer.

This short video shows you just how easy it is to send & sign company documents electronically with People. Oh, and if you really miss the 5 minutes you spend by the printer… you can take your tablet or laptop into the printer room and do it from there!

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