How to Help Your Employees Feel Happier at Work

February 5, 2015

How to Help Your Employees Feel Happier at Work

Have you ever felt really down while you’ve been working?

Even if you never have, I bet you’ll know a few people who have. And if you work in HR, then your employees’ emotional health is partly your responsibility. So here are a few tips to help your employees feel happier at work.

1. Be Understanding of Personal Issues

It doesn’t matter how much we try to promote a ‘work-life balance’ – some employers even encourage employees to leave their personal problems at the door – if somebody is suffering at home, we can’t realistically expect them to just forget they’re happening; and if we did, I think we’d be doing our workmates a huge injustice.

Instead of encouraging your employees to totally separate their personal issues from their role within the company, try being more understanding of whatever they might be going through.

If you can show your employees a little compassion, you will be rewarded with more loyal, motivated staff.

2. Review Work-Related Unhappiness

If somebody is upset by something that is happening at work, you should try your hardest to find out what that is.

I heard somewhere that some HR departments have ‘crying policies’ that dictate what kind of work-related unhappiness is or isn’t appropriate – personally, I find that just a little bit crazy.

If somebody on my team is under stress because of something that’s happening at work, then I would much rather learn about the problem and try to help them fix it, than simply ask them to ‘express appropriate emotion’.

If you work in HR, you should encourage your employees to tell you about instances where staff are feeling overwhelmed at work, and you should do your best to solve those problems.

3. Random Acts of Kindness

Everybody gets upset from time to time, but if we do our best to show kindness to our colleagues on a daily basis, we are doing something positive that will reduce the chances of people being unhappy at work.

Whether it’s sending a quick email asking if somebody needs help with something, or simply sending a quick Thank You to show somebody you’ve noticed their hard work – trying hard to show kindness to others will make a huge positive impact on the happiness of your workforce.

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