9 Signs You Need to Improve Your Company Culture

February 17, 2015

9 Signs You Need to Improve Your Company Culture

Having a great company culture can have a huge positive impact on your business – your people will be happier and more productive, and you’ll attract great talent because of the reputation you have as an employer.

But within many companies, staff see their jobs as just that – jobs; and these kind of employees are less likely to give 100% at work. The worst part is that many companies don’t even realise their staff are unhappy!

So if you want to find out whether or not you need to improve your company culture, then here are 9 tell-tale signs that will help you work out whether you might have a problem:

  1. Difficult Communication. Do you find that much of your time is taken up trying to communicate information to other members of your workforce? Communication issues are a big sign that something isn’t quite right.
  2. High Staff Turnover. Are people leaving your business more frequently than you consider normal? Have you compared your turnover rates to other businesses in your industry? If your turnover seems high then there could be a common reason for people leaving.
  3. Poor Managerial Behaviour. Are your managers setting a bad influence for the people they’re supposed to be leading? Bad behaviour from senior staff will cascade down the ranks and spread, which can lead to an unhealthy company culture.
  4. ‘Lazy’ Managers. Is your management team willing to put in work on the ‘front line’ and get their hands dirty? Many employees can feel demotivated if they are being told to do something by somebody who would not be happy to do that same thing themselves.
  5. Lack of Staff Recommendations for Vacancies. If your company is hiring, then happy employees will do everything they can to get their friends and connections involved. Do your people suggest people they know when your company opens up a new vacancy?
  6. Nobody Knows Your Company Values. Can your employees tell you what your company stands for? If they don’t know then you need to make these values clearer – and part of this can be done by improving your company culture.
  7. Nobody Cares About Your Company Values. Even if your company values are stuck to every wall in every room and your people are forced to recite them twice daily… if they aren’t being practiced then you need to look into why.
  8. Too Much Competition. Are your people always trying to ‘get one over’ their colleagues? Competition can be healthy, but when your people care more about beating each other than they do about beating your company’s competitors, something has probably gone wrong.
  9. Contention Between Colleagues. Is it obvious that your people have problems with each other? It is normal for people to have their differences, but if this seems to be a common thing within your workplace and if there are obvious dislikes between many members of your workforce, then it could be a sign you need to improve your company culture.

If you read these 9 points and thought “yeah that sounds like my company” on more than two of them, then I suggest you look at your company culture and find ways to improve it. Great company culture is something we’re really passionate about at People, which is why you’ll often find us talking about it. If you want a few ideas, why not take a look at our Staff Handbook? It’s called The Employee Handbook for the People Who Make People – and you have my permission to steal any ideas you find in there that might help you improve the way you and your colleagues work together.

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