How to Tackle Slack Behaviour

February 24, 2015

How to Tackle Slack Behaviour

Have you ever been part of a team where one of your teammates is not putting in even half the effort of anybody else? Not only does it slow down whatever you’re all trying to achieve, but it can feel frustrating. So how do you approach the situation without making it worse? Here are a few handy suggestions:

1. Don’t Get Annoyed
It might feel unfair that somebody has not been pulling their equal share of the weight, yet is getting equal credit for work your team is producing. But if you give in to these negative feelings, it will only bring down the morale of everybody else on the team – so try to approach the situation as objectively as you possibly can.

2. Communicate Quickly
You might feel uncomfortable approaching the person who is slacking, but the longer you leave it the worse it will get – not only is there a higher chance that the team will fall behind, but you’ll be more likely to give in to your negative emotions, too. You don’t have to do anything confrontational – simply be proactive, and tactfully remind them of their roles and responsibilities.

3. Find Out Why
When you approach the person in question, it will help to ask how they are getting along with their tasks, and to find out any problems they might be facing – there could be an underlying issue (either at home or at work) that is making them feel less inclined to work hard. If you chance upon the root cause, then see if you can help them fix it.

4. Include Others
Remember to encourage other members of the team in a similar manner, and to include them in offering your support – it will help keep morale high, and reduce the chances of the slack behaviour spreading.

The key to tackling slack behaviour, however, is simply acting fast – nipping it in the bud. If left unchecked, a single slacker on a team can turn into an entire team full of de-motivated unhappy people.

Why not try a bit of positive encouragement by thanking your team members when they do something great? With People, there’s even a feature called ‘Thanks’ that lets you award badges and recognition with the click of a button.

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