4 Things You Should Do When an Employee Leaves

March 4, 2015

5 Things You Should Do When an Employee Leaves

Off-boarding can be a confusing experience, and there are a lot of tasks you need to remember. Not every point applies to every business – what you need to do will be different to what other organisations need to do, because every business is unique in one way or another. But here are 5 important ‘to-do’ points that apply to most (if not all) organisations – so if you don’t have them on your list already, you might want to add them.

1. Remove Access to Company Systems and Information

Whatever login details you provided to your employee when they first started, should be deactivated. This applies especially where the login information could allow them to access confidential or sensitive company data – no matter how much you trust the people you employ, once they leave your company, they should not retain access to anything that is designed only for employees of your company.

2. Collect Company-Owned Items

If you provide your employees with items specifically for work purposes – like laptops, phones, accessories etc. – then you probably want to make sure they’re returned. Perhaps some items (like pens) are less of a financial drain than others if go out the door with your leavers… but imagine accidentally letting somebody drive away in their company car?

3. Get Signatures for Returned Items

As an addition to point 2, this is particularly important if you are not the one directly receiving returned items. If other people are responsible for ensuring company items are returned, make sure you get a copy of the form they signed to say it was returned – not only will this give you peace of mind, but if the item goes missing in the future, you’ll know that your ex-employee is not to blame.

4. Conduct an Exit Interview

Not only is this a standard procedure within most companies, but it also gives you a great opportunity to ask your leaver what they liked (and didn’t like) about working or your company. Good, honest feedback can help you really improve what you offer as an employer, and as a result, help you to attract more great talent in the future.

If you use the People HR System, then there are plenty of wizards and tutorials to help you with common processes like Leavers and New Starters – plus, you can add these 4 points to your to-do list to ensure you never forget them.

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