10 Tips for taking the perfect company portraits with a phone

March 11, 2015

10 Tips for taking the perfect company portraits with a phone

There are many reasons you may need to take photo’s of the employee’s in your company – this might be for ID cards or such things as HR and Payroll systems and as not many people have professional DSLR’s to hand, I thought I’d set out a few tips on how to do this on your Phone…..

1.     Pick the best Camera – Everyone has a smart phone nowadays, so if someone has the latest iPhone 6 and another person has the 4s, use the iPhone 6 as this features a better camera.

2.     Pick the Location – Ideally you need somewhere with a plain background such as a white washed wall – anything with a busy background will take away the focus from your subject.

3.     Lets get natural light – Internal lighting is not good for photographs – you ideally want to be somewhere with natural lighting, you could look at somewhere outdoors (although you don’t want bright sun beaming on your subjects) or somewhere inside with plenty of windows. … A quick tip, if you have more light coming in from one side – hold up a piece of white card the other side of the subject, this will help bounce back the lighting to reduce harsh shadows.

4.     Be eye level with your subject – If you’re 5ft tall and your subject is 6ft 5, you’d be better getting someone taller to take the shot – or at least make yourself the same height by using a stool/chair

5.     The phone is pretty good for auto focus – tap the area you wish to focus into (Subject’s eye’s) and you can even adjust the brightness at the same time if required.

6.     Don’t worry about getting the perfect crop – you can always crop this later if required and standard program such as MS Paint can take care of this.

7.     Don’t Zoom – That’s right, you’ll loose quality on smart phone camera’s, just move closer.

8.     For some people smiling posed is hard task, so have your phone on silent, make sure your subjects are relaxed, make some general conversation and try to catch a natural shot rather than posing you subject.

9.     Take more than 1 shot – its better to have a good 10 photo’s of each subject, you can pick the best one’s later.

10.  You can ignore everything I just said… If you wanted.. – that’s right.. They’re no rules in photography, if you get a good photo a different way, then great, but hopefully this has helped.

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