Focus on What You Want

March 17, 2015


Have you ever noticed that our universe seems to magically deliver exactly what we want if we focus on it hard enough?

OK, it might not actually be magic… it might be more likely that when we focus on something we want, our brain subconsciously guides our actions so that we take the steps to get it. But the trouble is, too many people focus on what they don’t want instead – probably without even realising it!

Do You Focus on What You DON’T Want?

Have you ever driven around a busy carpark muttering that you’ll never find a space? Or convinced yourself that you’re going to burn the meal you’re trying to cook? How about thought, over and over, how getting everything done today is simply impossible?

It’s not an exact science, of course. And reversing the way we think isn’t always going to give us what we want. But I firmly believe that focusing on the positives gives us a much better shot at getting them.

How This Applies to Your Business

One of our customers recently told me a story about one of their competitors.

Their competitor had started using an underhand marketing technique known as ‘Negative SEO’ – this basically involves posting really bad links back to the websites they compete with for traffic, so that their competitors’ search engine rankings drop, and theirs, as a result, increase.

As it happens, there’s a really easy way to overcome this type of aggressive competition, and so it didn’t create a long-term problem for our customer; but it DID lead us to having a very philosophical discussion about how this negative practice might impact their competitor further on down the line.

Think about it like this: Instead of spending all of that time, energy and resources on trying to make their competition look bad, they could have spent it trying to make themselves look better – this would have had a permanent effect, whereas the negative approach was quickly mitigated by our customer’s reaction, meaning all of that negative marketing left them with nothing of value.

Try it Yourself – Let Positive Thoughts Guide Your Actions

The next time you find yourself thinking about something you don’t want to happen, try re-framing it and thinking about what you do want to happen.

It might not give you everything you want every single time. But it’s certainly not going to make things worse – so what’s the harm in following the guidance of the universe, your sub-conscious, karma, or whatever you want to call it?

Try it today, and leave us a comment to tell us how it went.

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