Energy Drinks & Employee Health: Are You Overworking Your Staff?

March 20, 2015

Energy Drinks & Employee Health: Are You Overworking Your Staff?

Energy drinks containing caffeine, taurine and Vitamin B can be found in almost every shop that sells chilled beverages. But what do they have to do with HR?

Stimulation drinks are a popular way to quickly boost concentration and energy levels for a short period of time. But although these products are considered safe when consumed once in a while when a person isn’t quite functioning at 100%, there’s a growing trend of people who rely on them sometimes daily, in order to function at all! And although this might be a result of their own personal choices (such as staying up until 3am at the disco on a work night), it could also be a sign that people are feeling overworked, or under too much pressure to perform.

Health Risks of Energy Drinks

The NHS website published a write-up in 2011, of a study on the health risks of energy drinks. The study highlighted a lot of issues, including an increasing number of caffeine overdoses being reported in Emergency Rooms all over the world:

–          Ireland’s poison centre reported 17 situations between 1999 and 2005, where energy drinks had caused a number of adverse effects – from confusion, tachycardia, seizures and even two deaths

–          The poison centre in New Zealand reported 20 energy drink related situations between 2005 and 2009

–          In 2007 alone, US poison centres reported a whopping 5,448 caffeine overdoses

I’m not trying to spread doom and gloom here. But if you’re concerned that your people are being overworked, or if the pressure on them to perform seems too intense, then it might just be time to lighten the load a little – healthy, happy employees are what we all want, after all.

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