A Detailed Look at People’s Spring Release

March 30, 2015

 A Detailed Look at People’s Spring Release

Packed to bursting with new functionality and incredible upgrades, People’s Spring release is going live on the 3rd April – here’s a detailed look at the functionality we are introducing.

Regional Administrators

This release introduces the option to create regional HR administrators – HR administrators whose rights are restricted to specific groups of employees (for example by team, department, company, etc.)

You may have already noticed that in an earlier release of People, we introduced the company identifier on the Personal details:

Regional Administrators

We’ve now used this for the new security changes. If you’ve not accessed the security options in People before, then remember that for every single person in the system, you can alter the security rules that apply to them:

Once you select ‘Edit Access Rights’, you will notice the new options to define which entities this user can access. You can select all, none or multiple companies, locations or departments

Identifier on the Personal detailsidentifier on the Personal details

depending upon your preferences. In the example below, we’ve said that Amelie can access anyone whose company is “New York Design Studio”, and all locations and departments within that company:

Employee Access Rights

Once you’ve specified the regional restrictions, you can choose what rights that user has within those regions – in Amelie’s case, we’ve allowed her to create new starters or process leavers within the New York Design Studio:

User Rights

Time of in Lieu (TOIL)

People now supports TOIL for employees. In order to support this, we’ve had to make a few significant changes.

TOIL can be awarded to employees by managers or administrators. When TOIL is awarded, you can optionally set expiry dates – People will automatically expire TOIL if it’s not taken before that date, and it must be booked to be taken before that date.

Expiry dates can be specified on each TOIL amount awarded, however to help make things easier, administers can set the normal TOIL expiry offset so that People will automatically apply a default expiry date. This can be overridden each time TOIL is awarded:


In order to support the TOIL functionality, we changed the Settings options on the planner. When you press the option, you will notice significant changes to the screen:

Planner Settings

Let’s explore those options:

Annual Leave Allowance
You will notice that each field now has the clock symbol. This is to show that any changes you make will be tracked in the history. An administrator can change any of these fields; however the employee’s manager can only change the TOIL values.

Once TOIL is awarded, the employee can request it from the holiday request screen.


Holiday Carry Over

You can now set the rules for carry over at the end of the holiday year, and People will automatically take care of holiday year closure. You can leave the fields blank or set them to zero – in which case there will be no carry over – or you can set an amount.

Auto Approve Holidays

Auto Approve Holidays

You can now set holidays to auto-approve on a per-employee basis. If employees with auto-approve have an approver set within the system, the approver will receive a notification for information purposes, but will not need to approve the holiday.

Auto Approve Holidays

UTF-8 Support

People can now support all different character sets, so you can have accents on names and addresses, and even comments in regional languages.

UTF-8 Support
New Starter and Leaver Workflow

During the new starter process, as well as notifying administrators and managers, you can now pick specific email addresses to be informed by email:

New Starter and Leaver Workflow

Absence Return To Work

We’ve overhauled the return to work process for sick absence. Let’s explore the options.
Against each absence reason (accessible on the “manage this list” option when entering an absence), a new option has been introduced: “Return to Work Form Required”:
Absence Return To Work
If this option is ticked, the following workflow will take place:

1. Manager/administrator records sick leave as per normal
2. On employee return date (end date of sick leave) an email will be sent to both employee and manager to remind them the return to work form is required.
3. Employee and manager fills in the form and no further action is required
4. If employee and/or manager have not filled in the form a reminder email is sent to them next day and every day until form has been filled in.
5. If form has been filled in no further reminders are sent

The form has the following fields that need to be entered:

Absence Return To Work Workflow
We’ve also added some queries so you can report on outstanding forms:

Outstanding Forms Queries
Alerts are also shown on the employee’s planner:

Alerts on Employee's Planner
Holiday Return To Work
A new feature allows you to request a Fit For Work form from all employees returning from holiday.
To switch this feature on, you’ll need to go to the system settings and tick the appropriate option:Holiday Return To Work
People will now do the following:

1.Employee requests holiday as per normal
2.Manager approves holiday as per normal
3.On employee return date (end date of holiday) an email will be sent to both employee and manager to remind them the return to work form is required.
4.Employee and manager fills in the form and no further action is required
5.The employee can only fill in their section
6.The manager can only fill in their section
7.The admin or an elevated user given update or update with settings will be able to fill in the employee and manager section
8.If employee and/or manager have not filled in the form a reminder email is sent them next day every day until it is done
9. If form has been filled in no further reminders are sent

The form shown is as follows:

 Holiday Return To Work Form
We’ve also added some queries so you can report on outstanding forms. People will also show alerts on the employee’s planner.

Other Changes

As well as the bigger changes described above, we’ve made some smaller changes:
The Query option now allows access to the additional ‘reports to’ and ‘re-routed’ for holiday authorisation fields.

We’ve added the NI/SSN number to the new starter screen.

We’ve added Personal Email address on the Contact screen.

You can now search using the employee id on the employee search screen.

Employees can now cancel holiday and other leave not taken – to do this they just go to their own planner, select the holiday or other leave, and select cancel – their authoriser will be notified by email.

You can now book more than one attendance event on the same day, for example an AM holiday and PM sick.

We’ve fine tuned the employee entitlement calculations throughout the system to take into account part time shifts and public holidays.

You already know we’ve got some nifty functionality for setting rotations on work patterns, however for those employee who cannot have a predefined work pattern, we’ve allowed the Sick Duration field to be overridden.

If you are using the Bradford Factor triggers you can now dismiss the popup alerts from the employee planner window – doing this will permanently dismiss them.

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