People™ Announces Acquisition of Internet Giant Google

April 1, 2015

People™ Announces Acquisition of Internet Giant Google

HR software company People™ really demonstrated the meaning of ambitious yesterday when, during a light lunch with close and personal friend Larry Page (Google’s CEO), they decided to acquire his company.

After signing the papers, Sat Sindhar – People™’s Managing Director, and now the proud owner of Search Engine giant Google – shook Larry Page’s hand, smiled for the camera, and then promptly ordered desert.

What’s the Date Today?

It’s April the 1st of course, and before any lawsuits spring up, we just want to remind you that this is an April Fool, and that none of the content you’ve just read is true – not even the part about our MD ordering desert. He’s not much of a sweet tooth.

Remember that on April 1st not everything is always as it seems. Did anybody catch you out with any clever pranks today? Let us know in the comments below!

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