Three Tips to Improve Your Employer Brand from Britain’s Best Big Company to Work For 2015

April 2, 2015

Three Tips to Improve Your Employer Brand from Britain’s Best Big Company to Work For 2015

According to The Sunday Times, restaurant chain TGI Friday’s is the best big company to work for in Britain this year.

To attract the top talent, it is important to develop a compelling employer brand – and that starts with making sure your people are happy; after all, word of mouth is the strongest talent magnet of them all.

So what makes TGI Friday’s such a great employer, and what can we learn from the way they work?

1. Strong Sense of Family

The feeling of belonging to a family outside of our actual family can be a very powerful feeling that generates huge levels of personal satisfaction. We all have an inner desire to ‘belong’, and creating a strong sense of family throughout the workforce helps satisfy that need.

82% of TGI Friday’s employees said they felt a strong sense of family at work, and one of the things that probably contributes to this is the approach of their senior executive team: Rather than spending all day in a distant head office away from all of the real hard work, TGI Friday’s executive team instead dart from restaurant to restaurant, setting up ‘hotdesks’ and working alongside the real people who are running the frontline business operations on a day to day basis.

According to The Sunday Times, Managing Director Karen Forrester has been approached by Channel 4, and been asked to take part in their popular series Undercover Boss – she had to decline, because she says there’s no way she could go into a restaurant without being recognised!

Do you do anything at your company to generate a sense of family for your workforce? At People™, we have no traditional hierarchy – our people choose their own career titles, and everybody’s input is of equal value. It’s produced some incredible results for our business.

2. Making Work Fun

The Sunday Times states in their report that 86% of TGI Friday’s employees feel that work is fun.

At People™, we’re big believers in having fun at work – we’re always joking amongst ourselves, and there’s rarely a dull moment. Fun is also one of the reasons we ‘gamified’ our HR system by adding Missions to the software (a series of HR challenges that rewards the participant for completing goals like reducing absence or improving health & safety) – we want to encourage other professionals to get a sense of fun and achievement from the work they do.

Do you do anything at your company to generate a fun atmosphere? You don’t have to implement a mandatory ‘Monopoly Day’ – it can be as simple as trying out Dress-Down Days, or running mini sponsored events for charity.

3. Generating a Team ‘Buzz’

It’s hard to place a finger on what exactly creates ‘buzz’. But according to employees at TGI Friday’s, 77% of them said that they get a buzz out of the teams they work in.

Generating ‘buzz’ often comes as a result of close-knit teams that ‘bounce’ off each other. If you’re all working hard to achieve the same (or similar) goals, then you’re bound to have similar ideas from time to time – and this positive social reinforcement is one way ‘buzz’ is generated.

But even when two different people are working on two completely different projects, you can still generate ‘buzz’. At People™, we do it by encouraging all of our staff to say ‘thanks’ when a colleague does something awesome, and we’ve even implemented functionality for this within our HR system – the ‘Thanks’ feature lets your people send each other badges with special titles and custom notes of encouragement.

Other Employee Satisfaction Boxes TGI Friday’s Ticks

There is a whole host of other statistics that suggest getting a job with TGI Friday’s is the best thing since sliced bread – 80% of employees believe the company is good for their personal growth, and 79% love working for the chain. What’s more, 78% have confidence in the leadership of their senior managers, and 80% believe their senior management team lives the company’s values and shines at every opportunity.


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