Three Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

April 9, 2015

Three Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Have you ever felt like everything is getting just a little bit too much? Your colleagues are asking for constant favours, your boss is demanding the end-of-quarter report before 5pm, and your inbox is getting fuller by the minute… work can be really stressful! But luckily, there are three simple ways to reduce how stressed you feel at work that will help you tackle your job with more confidence and less worry.

1. How to Reduce Stress at Work RIGHT NOW

If things are too much for you right this minute, then one of the best ways of picking yourself back up is by taking a very long, deep breath.

This idea might sound like a bit of a cliché, but it’s surprising how much it helps reduce stress – when we are stressed, our breathing patterns can go a little bit off the chart, and our brains don’t always get the amount of oxygen we need to fully concentrate; but by consciously choosing to take a really long, deep breath, we are forcing our brains to think about our breathing, and helping it to get back to normal. Once a normal breathing pattern resumes, the increased flow of oxygen can be just the tonic we need.

This technique also helps because it temporarily takes our minds off the problems that are making us feel stressed – taking a break from constantly overthinking matters (even if for just a few seconds) can be enough to help us see a fresh new solution to our problem(s).

2. How to Reduce Stress at Work This Week

You might not be suffering from intense stress right now, but you might be having a really hard week.

One way of making a specific day or week pass by with less stress is by removing all distractions that are preventing us from doing what we really need to do.

This can be done by temporarily working from another location; wearing a pair of really good headphones; politely asking your colleagues to let you concentrate on your deadlines; or even scheduling more regular breaks to stop you being quite so vulnerable to distractions should they arise.

We wrote an article on avoiding distractions at work a short while ago, which you can see in more detail here

3. How to Reduce Stress at Work Forever

Maybe you’re not stressed right now. And maybe this week hasn’t been so terrible. But if you’re regularly suffering from high levels of stress at work, then a great way to reduce this is by reviewing your diet and your sleeping pattern.

The food we eat and the amount we sleep play huge roles in our mood, and if we’re staying up late every night, and regularly eating convenience foods (rather than high-nutrition foods), then we’re far more likely to succumb to stress when things get tough at work.

Of course, even with plenty of sleep and a healthy, balanced diet, we can all get stressed form time to time – but you can be sure that if you’re getting the nutrients you need, and you’re making time for plenty of shut-eye on a night, then you’ll be much better at handling it when it comes your way.

How do you beat stress at work? Stressball? Dartboard with an old boss’s photo on it? Let us know in the comments below!


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