Five Ways to Grow Your Business with HR

April 15, 2015

Five Ways to Grow Your Business with HR

Human Resources is so much more than just a necessary business ‘function’. It’s true that HR is indeed a function; and it is true that it is necessary. But did you know that there are several ways you can use your role in HR to be a proactive part of your company’s growth?

We know that HR professionals are talented and ambitious, and so here are five ways you can make a huge impact on business growth using your position in HR:

1. Recruit Top Talent

Companies that hire top talent are more likely to grow faster, because they have better skills at their disposal.

Many HR professionals are responsible for the entire recruitment process, meaning you’re in a great position to ensure your company hires the people who will make your business grow. But even if you aren’t directly responsible for recruitment, you can still play a big part in recruiting top talent.

One way of doing this is by retaining the details of skilled applicants who were not selected for the role they applied for – by building up an on-going ‘talent pool’ for your business, you’re expanding your selection of great people you can reach out to during future recruitment drives.

2. Create a Company Culture

Having a great company culture helps your business to grow in so many ways.

For a start, a great company culture means a happier workforce – happy people are hardworking people, and hardworking people help you reach newfound heights.

A great company culture also helps attract other skilled people to your business – happy employees are great ambassadors, and their actions will demonstrate to others the benefits of working for your company.

3. Positive Performance Management

Improving the skills you already have access to plays a key role in business growth.

Working in HR, you are probably at least partly responsible for processing appraisals and reviewing performance.

Try to make sure your performance management processes are designed to actually support the people making your business tick – focus on the positives as well as the negatives, and make sure performance reviews are two-way streets where your people can feedback on issues they’re facing, and on what might help them work better.

4. Accelerate Attendance

It is hard to grow your business if your seats are always empty.

Improving attendance is a great way to help your company grow, as it ensures a more consistent output, and helps you meet day-to-day goals and customer demands.

From an HR point of view, you can analyse and improve attendance using tools like the Bradford Factor. The Bradford Factor helps you to identify problem absences, and shows you the negative trends that might be having a snowball effect on the rest of your workforce.

5. Empower Your People

Something as simple as giving your people more control over their career can be a huge positive swing for motivation and engagement levels.

How easy is it for your people to update simple information about themselves, such as bank details, next of kin and contact information? If they have to jump through hoops, then you might want to consider making a change.

One way of doing this is by activating a ‘self-service’ option with your HR software provider. This gives your employees access to their own personal details, and even allows them to make basic edits. If you don’t use an HR system with self-service functionality, then it’s definitely worth looking into – it could also save you a lot of time processing paperwork!

6. What Do You Think?

There are so many ways of using HR to promote business growth, that we’d like you to tell us what you think Number Six should be – leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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