UpstartHR Discusses Boomerang Employees & Unused Vacations

April 17, 2015

UpstartHR Discusses Boomerang Employees & Unused Vacations

I always enjoy reading the weekly breakdown from UpstartHR’s US-based blog, and this week sees the author Ben talking about two interesting HR issues: Boomerang Employees, and Unused Vacations.

Boomerang Employees

‘Boomerang Employees’ are people who leave your company and then come back for more at a later date.

Ben’s article on Boomerang Employees – which includes an interview with talent strategist Mary Faulkner – raises the issue of whether or not we should re-employ these people, and the pros and cons of doing so.

Read UpstartHR’s Article on Boomerang Employees Here

Unused Vacations

It seems that the US has a similar issue to what we see here in the UK – employees hoarding their holiday allowance and then never using them.

Yet despite the fact that people are letting huge chunks of their holiday allowance go unused, it seems people still insist on campaigning for more holiday days.

Read UpstartHR’s Article on Unused Vacations Here

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