3 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change

April 22, 2015

3 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change

Organisational change can be tough for your people. Even if the change will ultimately benefit their employment, change often throws people out of their ‘comfort zones’ and is sometimes difficult to accept.

These three tips will help you to overcome resistance to change from the people who work for your company.

1. Involve Your People From the Start

Instead of simply imposing a bunch of changes on your people, why not involve them from the start? Get their opinions, thoughts and feedback on what you’re trying to achieve, and not only will you find they become warmer to the idea, but you might even discover a fantastic new way of approaching it that you hadn’t thought of before.

2. Reinforce the Positive Benefits

Even if you’re making an organisational change because your hands are tied and it’s the only way of keeping your business operational, you don’t have to talk about the change with a constant undertone of doom and gloom. Sure, it might be true that jobs are at risk if the change isn’t made – but why don’t you show your people the new potential this change opens up? If this is a merger or an acquisition, for example, look for ways people might discover exciting new opportunities once the two companies become one?

3. Collect Continuous Feedback

Even after all changes have been implemented, your job is not complete. Resistance to change can continue a long time after the changes are made, so it is important that you continuously gather feedback from your people on how they are finding the change. This could be done in the form of weekly or monthly questionnaires, private one-on-one conversations, or even a feedback box that sits in reception. When your people know you still care about their thoughts and feelings, they will be less reluctant to support the changes you’re making.

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