HR Software for Small Businesses

May 8, 2015

HR Software for Small Businesses

We published an article a little while ago outlining the 5 most important features of HR software for SMEs. But what about the smallest of businesses that employ just a handful of people? Is HR software for small businesses even necessary?

Many small businesses manage just fine using the traditional HR admin techniques, such as pen and paper or spreadsheets. But there is more to HR software than simply streamlining a large workload – here are 3 ways your small business might benefit from using HR software:

1. You’re more likely to store the most crucial information

As a small business owner, you might have little to no experience in human resources – and you probably don’t employ a dedicated HR manager to look after that side of things for you.

When you use HR software, there will usually be pre-defined labels and fields reminding you of the kind of information you should be storing on employee records – vital data like Right To Work information has less chance of being forgotten and left behind.

2. Your costs might actually go down

You might find that some HR software companies (for example, us!) will offer you a completely free account if you employ less than a certain number of people.

Sure, it might not cost huge amounts of money to keep paper records and print out employee contracts, but if you can do it all online for free, then why wouldn’t you want to?

3. You’ll be prepared for when your business grows

You might not be planning on expanding anytime soon, but when you do decide you want to take the next step forward, you’ll need to be prepared to handle a new influx of HR admin.

If you choose an HR software provider that allows you to add new employees as and when you hire them (without tying you to a limited number and a locked-in contract), then you can rest assured that you’ll be ready for it – whenever it happens. Your HR software will simply grow with you.

Do YOU Own a Small Business?

If so, we’d love to hear how you do your HR admin. Do you use paper forms, spreadsheets or HR software? Let us know in the comments below.


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