Three Qualities Every Candidate Should Have

May 15, 2015

Three Qualities Every Candidate Should Have
Nearly half of HR professionals spend a large chunk of their time doing recruitment.

This means you have to become familiar with all the different roles and responsibilities required for different departments and vacancies across your entire company – and that can be a challenge! So what qualities should a candidate have?

Well, no matter what role you’re hiring for, here are three qualities that every single candidate should have – if you look for these in every applicant, then you’ll be well on your way to stacking your workforce with great quality talent.

1. Hardworking

Everybody states on their job application that they’re hardworking, and therefore this can be a really tough quality to assess. It is, however, a very necessary quality – you want people who will genuinely put their all into their job, without constantly looking for ways they can shirk their duties.

2. Honest

Some people lie to get a job. Many of them even admit it afterwards. And sometimes, the practice is almost ‘accepted’ – because it just shows how determined they are to work for your company, right? Not quite – it is better to choose a candidate who looks slightly less brilliant on paper, if everything you’re being told checks out. An honest employee is the kind of employee you can rely on for really important stuff later on.

3. Not 100% Perfect

Actually, we do want people who are 100% perfect. But nobody is 100% perfect – so the last thing we want to do is hire people who think they are 100% perfect!

The best kind of candidates are those who are able to recognise and admit their own shortcomings, because these are the employees who will work harder to fix problems (instead of pretending the problems don’t exist).

What do YOU Look For in Candidates?

Tell us what the top quality is that you look for, by leaving a comment below.

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