Five Office Party Games that Build Stronger Teams

May 20, 2015

Five Office Party Games that Build Stronger Teams

Summer is right around the corner, and for many companies, so is the next office party. So if you’ve been charged with organising everything – including coming up with a bunch of great office party ideas – then these five office party games could be just the inspiration you need. They might even help you bring your people closer together!

Remember, it’s always worth throwing in a few prizes to give people more reason to join in.

1. Liar Liar

This game is great for really helping your people get to know one another.

To play it, simply hand everybody three slips of paper, and have them write two facts, and one lie, about themselves.

In turn, each person must stand at the front of the room, and read out their slips of paper. The rest of the room will then cast votes as to which statement they think was the lie.

For each incorrect vote, give the player a point – the person who tricks the most people wins the game.

If there’s a tie, you can have the highest scoring players complete another round.

2. What’s My Job?

This is a great way to help your people find out more about their colleagues’ job roles, and to help people share great work-related stories.

To play, have each person write down two things about their job. These could be facts about the kind of thing they do each day, or even funny stories that have happened while at work.

Mix everybody’s slips of paper up, and distribute them. You might want to distribute them yourself while everybody’s eyes are closed, to avoid people being handed their own slips. Each person should then attempt to work out who their slip belongs to.

One way of working out a winner, is once a player has correctly guessed who their slip belongs to, they can ‘steal’ any slips being held by that person, and must then attempt to find the rest of them – the person with the most slips at the end, wins.

3. Yes Means No

This is great for sharpening listening skills and concentration, and can be a whole load of fun.

To play, somebody must stand at the front of the room and issue commands – such as ‘stand up’ or ‘open your mouth’. The rest of the players need to do what they consider to be the exact opposite of the command – any who accidentally follow the command that’s issued, are out.

4. Whiteboard Pictionary

Pictionary is not only fun, but it helps us to improve our communication skills using methods other than speaking.

To play this game, it is best to assign a theme – such as films, television series, etc. You should then write a long list of items that follow this theme (so for films, you’d write a list of films), and divide them between two teams.

Each team is given a whiteboard, and must have each member in turn take an item at random, stand at the front, and draw it (no words!). Once the picture has been guessed, the next player stands up. The team who guesses through their entire list first, wins.

5. Spontaneous Statues

As far as office party games goes, this is flat-out one of my favourites. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it encourages keen observation and fast reaction.

At the beginning of the party, you assign somebody to be the statue. This person should be told to randomly freeze, at ANY point during the rest of the event.

Upon seeing this person freeze, everybody else in the room must follow suite and freeze themselves – the last person to cotton on is out.

You will find that this causes some hilarious moments, especially if the person kicking things off decides to freeze the moment the buffet table opens for business!

What Do YOU Do at Your Office Summer Party?

These are some of our favourite office party games, but we realise that there are so many more. What are your favourites? Share your story in the comments below.

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