People™ Product Tip: How to Make Sure Bradford Factor Scoring is Working Properly

June 1, 2015

People™ Product Tip: How to Make Sure Bradford Factor Scoring is Working Properly

Your People™ system can automatically calculate an employee’s Bradford Factor score. But if you suspect something is wrong, or the score produced by People™ doesn’t match the score you’ve calculated yourself, then here are a few handy troubleshooting tips to help you make sure everything is configured the way you want it.

1. Are Alerts Enabled?

Head over to Settings > Holidays and Absence. Is there a tick in the box that says ‘Enable Bradford Factor Alerts’?

2. What’s the Calculation Period?

Within the same area of your Settings, you can select the calculation period the system will use to generate Bradford Factor scores. These scores are calculated over a rolling number of months, so if your own calculations don’t match the system’s, you might want to make sure the calculation periods both align.

3. What Trigger Points are You Using?

You’ll be sent alerts when employees hit certain trigger points. These trigger points can be edited – if you’re not sure how to do this, check this video (skip to the 4 minute mark):

4. Are the Relevant Sick Reasons Being Calculated?

A common issue with unusual Bradford Factor scores is the validation for each of your sick reasons. To troubleshoot for this issue, simply go into any sick record on an employee’s profile, then in the sick reason dropdown box, hit ‘Manage This List’. You’ll see all of the sick reasons displayed, along with the type of verification required – for each reason you’d like the Bradford Factor to incorporate, make sure you tick ‘Include in Absence Scheme’.

Relevant Sick Reasons

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