What is the GROW Model?

June 5, 2015

What is the GROW Model?

The GROW model is an approach to coaching staff that is based on four specific points. As you might have guessed, GROW is an acronym for these points – but what do they stand for, and what does it all mean?

Below is a handy GROW model template you can use to quickly understand each part:

G is for Goal

This part is all about defining in as specific terms as possible what a person is trying to achieve.

For example, a sales professional might set their goal at ’10 sales per week’.

R is for Reality

Or, in other words, ‘what’s the situation right now?’

So, in our example of a sales professional, their reality might be that they are actually achieving 6 sales per week.

Once the Goal and the Reality have both been set, you have a Beginning and an End. The next two steps are about getting from one to the other.

O is for Obstacles

You could substitute the word ‘obstacles’ for ‘options’ if you wanted to be more positive – but essentially, this step is all about working out what is standing in between G and R.

In our example of a sales professional, an obstacle might be that they were giving up too easily on prospects.

Once you know what’s in your way, you can move onto the final step.

W is for Way

This is where you determine how you overcome each obstacle defined in the previous step.

In our example, the sales professional might commit to spending longer on each sales pitch as a way of overcoming the obstacle of giving up too easily.

Does the GROW Model Work?

If this is a coaching model you use with your staff, then we’d love to hear your feedback – does it work? Do your staff respond well to it?

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