People Product Tip: How to Print Holidays & Absences

June 8, 2015

People Product Tip: How to Print Holidays & Absences

It’s great to have HR information at your fingertips on any device with an internet connection. But there are still times when we actually want that information on paper – such as:

–          Framing an employee’s outstanding attendance calendar to hang on the wall of your reception

–          Holding a ceremonial burning session where employees say a physical ‘farewell’ to last year’s unauthorised absences

–          Handing out all of your authorised holidays for your friends to plan their year around (aren’t you popular!)

The possibilities are endless. But how do you do it?

How to Print Holidays & Absences

Printing an attendance sheet, or printing employee calendars with People™ is really easy, and you can do it in one simple step:

1. Click the ‘print’ icon at the top right hand side of an employee’s planner.

To watch this magic in action, there’s a video right here:

And remember, this option is available to all users – managers, admins and employees alike.


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