People™’s Summer Release

June 22, 2015

People™’s Summer Release

Ever since our last big release in April, our developers have been hard at work preparing the next round of exciting updates for your HR system.

This June marks another huge release for People™ – Here’s the improvements you will be seeing in your People system.

Flexible Benefits

We’ve added Flexible Benefits to the system, meaning you can offer a selection of customisable benefits to your employees, such as childcare vouchers, medical cover or pension contributions.Flexible Benefits

Apple/Android App

You can now download a lightweight version of People™ for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices! The Apps will be available to download from the App Store on the 26th June.

Apple/Android App


We’ve enhanced our ATS module!

  • • If a person applies for the same vacancy twice, or for another of your active vacancies, you will see a red D next to their name (this stands for ‘duplicate’).
  • • An applicant’s record will also specify at the top if they may have duplicates – you can click the link to check such duplicates (it will show you their email address, name, the vacancy they’ve applied for, vacancy status, and the date they’ve applied).
  • • We’ve added a feature to let you change the Applicant Status (for quickly moving them form one stage to another). If you select Rejected from the drop down, you’ll be able to specify the reason and add comments. The Accepted status will only be shown to Admin and proxy with access to the ATS.
  • • Clicking ‘Save’ on the comments tab within an applicant’s record will now automatically add the comments
  • • You can now upload an application form. Doing so will prompt applicants to download it, complete it and submit it when they apply. If an applicant applies via a mobile device, which doesn’t allow the download or upload of documents, they’ll be sent an automatic email with the form attached, stating that the application form needs to be completed in order to be considered for the role. They can simply reply to this automatic email and attach the form to complete their application.
  • • When a new applicant appears in the New Applicant tile, these will automatically appear at the top, so you can easily identify who the new applicants are. They will also be colour-coded to show whether their application has been opened already, or is unread. (Red = Unread, Blue = Read, Orange = Duplicate).
  • • The system will also now retain original application dates, and when an applicant becomes an employee through Accepted status, any documents on the applicant’s record will be copied onto the employee’s record.
  • • You to reject one or more people and send rejection letters in bulk.
  • • The job application form has been re-designed, and if you want you can replace this form with your own design



We’ve enhanced our Performance module!

    • • When setting up the criteria, you can now choose who needs to complete the review by Employment Type.
    • • For 360 Feedback, you can now allow employees to provide feedback for themselves
    • • When reviewing appraisals, managers no longer have to keep switching screens to see employee responses – there’s now a grey bar underneath the text box which displays it
    • • We’ve added spell checking to the comments fields
    • • The active tab on an employee’s performance review (EMPLOYEE, MANAGER or 360) will now be highlighted

Zapier Integration

People now works with Zapier ( Zapier integration means that People can now integrate with any other Zapier enabled application, currently 400+.

Zapier Integration

Other Leave Reason

Due to popular demand, we’ve made it possible to set ‘Other Leave’ as visible on the Company Planner.


We’ve added the ‘Query Builder’ to the available selections within the API key management tab in your settings. We have also added options to set employee access, manager access, and to set whether a signature is required when loading an employee document.

Employment Tab

You can now store the IDs of other systems you’re using, by going into an employee’s ‘Employment Tab’ and entering them under ‘Other System IDs’.

If it’s a system that’s integrated with People HR, then you can enter the relevant ID to link the two together here, too


We’ve added an Expiry Date field for when you’re adding training to employee records. This is the same for both individual and bulk actions, and you can subscribe to alerts for any training that’s due to expire by visiting the Manage Automatic Alerts section (within Tasks)

Sage 50 Integration

People HR is now integrated with Sage 50 – if you want to allow data sharing between the two systems, this link will show you how:

Microsoft Word Document integration

You can now merge documents with Microsoft Word, and upload them into your Employee Records. Visit this link to find out how:

Payslips Upload

You can now upload Payslips to the Documents part of an Employee Record, using the People API. This link will show you how:

We hope that you enjoy all of these new features, to learn more please click the below link which will take you to our support site for a more indepth look and to book a session to go through the release click here.


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