People Product Tip: How to Add a Personal Email Address

June 29, 2015

People Product Tip: How to Add a Personal Email Address

Let’s be honest, sending a “how are you feeling?” message to somebody’s work email when they’re off sick isn’t likely to get read until they’re back in… and by that point, it’s too little too late.

So if you’re wondering how to add a personal email address to an employee’s record, then I’m going to show you how right now:

How to Add a Personal Email Address

  1. Open an Employee’s Record
  2. Go to the Contact tab
  3. Fill in the Personal Email Field

If you use Self Serve, your employees can update their personal email address themselves (if this happens, the administrator will be notified of the change). And remember, this email address will not be used for system notifications or automatic alerts, so employees can provide their personal email address with the confidence that work isn’t going to be disturbing them on their day off!

Note: For updating an employee’s Work Email, you go to the Personal tab like normal.

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