How to Hire the Hidden Talent 80% of Fortune 500 Companies are Missing Out On

June 30, 2015

How to Hire the Hidden Talent 80% of Fortune 500 Companies are Missing Out On

Are you letting mobile job seekers apply for vacancies while they’re on the move? If so, then you might just be tapping into a hidden talent vacuum that only 17% of Fortune 500 companies are taking advantage of, according to a study conducted by Imomentous in the final quarter of 2014.

The study – which has now been run a total of 5 times over the years – aims to identify the mobile readiness of Fortune 500 companies in terms of recruitment, and to determine exactly how many of these top international brands have optimised their recruitment process for mobile job seekers.

The results have improved over the years, but are still pretty shocking! For example, the most recent study tells us that less than 40% of Fortune 500 companies offer relevant career information on their mobile site – and a whopping 83% of Fortune 500 websites are not designed to allow ‘Mobile Apply’ (you can download the full report to see how Imomentous defines and assesses this, by visiting the link at the beginning of the article).

Optimise Your Recruitment for Mobile Applicants to Grab a Bigger Slice of Talent

So if 83% of Fortune 500 websites are not currently designed to accept applications from mobile devices, does that mean they’re missing out on a huge chunk of talent? Probably not – well, not quite anyway. After all, if you’ve ever been job searching on your mobile phone and seen something you like the look of, there’s every chance you’ll just wait until you’re home to apply anyway.

But what if, during that search, something else grabs your attention? Something exciting? Something that is begging for your skills? And something that says “Apply Now” within a big, clear mobile-optimised button?

You could be that company stealing those talented commuters from Fortune 500 companies who are slightly behind the times with their technology.

Is your recruitment process optimised for mobile job-seekers? If not, then it should be.


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