What is the Statutory Redundancy Notice Period for UK Businesses?

July 2, 2015

What is the Statutory Redundancy Notice Period for UK Businesses?

If you’re making redundancies, and your business operates under UK legislation, then you’re legally obliged to give your employees advance notice. The only exception to this rule is if a person has been employed with your company for less than a month – otherwise, the statutory redundancy notice periods are as follows:

More than a month, but less than two years: at least one week’s notice.

Two years or more: one week’s notice for each year worked (so if an employee has worked for your company for eight years, you must give them eight weeks’ notice).

Twelve years and beyond: The notice period is capped at twelve weeks, meaning that any length of time at your company beyond twelve years will still only require a statutory notice period of twelve weeks.

Do All UK Companies Use These Redundancy Notice Periods?

Not every company in the UK uses the same redundancy notice periods. These are simply statutory notice periods as set by the UK government, meaning that as long as a company gives at least this amount of notice, they’re alright – companies can give longer notice periods if they wish to, and you might notice that several companies do indeed write longer redundancy notice periods into their contracts.

The only other exception to these redundancy notice periods, is something called ‘payment in lieu of notice’ – this is where you pay your employee money instead of giving them a notice period. You cannot use this exception unless it is already written into your contract.

You can find out more detail about employee redundancy rights in the UK by visiting the government’s redundancy advice page here.

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